Hi, my name is Benjamin.

A proud Southeast Michigan native, I started my creative career as an intern at the Pride Source Media Group. I climbed the ranks of the organization to become an Art Director.

Moving on, I was able to bring Pride Source on as my first freelance client. I joined LLamasoft, a rapidly growing technology company, which provided me with a wealth of learning opportunities to offer creative direction. My passion to meet and work with small business owners facing unique and exciting challenges has endured and I committed full-time to growing this practice. Helping businesses visually communicate the value and quality they see in their companies is the most fulfilling part of my work.

When I’m not working you can often find me pounding the pavement training for road races.
My husband and I enjoy traveling but are always happy to return
to our home in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


My Process.

My customers value my ability to find the perfect balance of what the customer wants and the other necessary components or attributes needed to empower companies to reach their goals. I have designed for both print and web mediums in many different industries, working alongside marketing teams to develop strong brand identities and deliver remarkable designs that make lasting impressions.

I find clients are most successful when they view me as a true extension of the team. By joining a project from the beginning, I’m able to better understand your goals, what motivates your decision making and external factors that need to be taken into account throughout the creative process. My menu of services allows customers to leverage Jenkins Graphic Design from everything to a project management level, serving as the liaison between customers and multiple vendors, guiding through daily updates and details or offering a high-level vision to the organization. This open, customizable and collaborative work environment allows me to harness your passion and vision while applying my expertise to offer the best end results.

My Services.

Rarely is there a one-size-fits-all solution that will serve all business. We can work together to find the right combination for your organization and your goals. You can think of these services as falling into three categories.

Print Design

 Don’t believe the hype: print is alive and well! Sometimes the most effective way to leave a lasting impression is with a tactile experience. I have a wealth of experience in printed materials meant to last.

Web Design

 Consumers most often start their search online. Make the most of this medium by keeping your copy, visual elements and content fresh, consistent and mobile-friendly to create the go-to spot for all of your customers of today and tomorrow.

Brand Consulting

 Building familiarity with your brand and to offer a consistent experience across mediums all starts with strong brand identity. From color choices, logo usage, voice, iconography and more, these elements build your brand.

Sarah Leitz

Founder of Leitz Strategies

“When I started working with Benjamin I was immediately impressed, not just by his design skills, but by his willingness to jump right in and help guide us on so much more than just design! He’s always on time and goes above and beyond to get things done and make his clients happy. I don’t think I could survive without him and I’m sure anyone who works with him feels the same way!”

Let’s Start a Project