Ann Arbor Health Hacks

Presenting a strong brand identity out of the gate was a top priority for these premiering Ann Arbor healthcare hackathon organizers. Together, we created a unique look and feel for the event that spoke to its diverse audience.



  • Attract attendees, volunteers and sponsors to a new event
  • Quickly establish credibility as organizers who mean business
  • Build a lasting brand identity that ties health and engineering together
  • Creating an informative and mobile-friendly website for potential attendees to use and find information


  • Logo
  • Brand Identity
  • T-Shirts
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Friendly
Neelima Ramaraju

Co-Founder of Ann Arbor Health Hacks

“Benjamin was a real asset to our team! He is creative, patient, responsive, and cares about delivering a product that excited the client. He took the time to understand the objectives of our organization and take input from our team before blowing us away with his excellent concepts – above and beyond what we had expected. His high-quality and professional work on our logo and website helped add credibility to and get our new non-profit off the ground. We’ve gotten (and continue to get) so many compliments on our branding!”

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